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Are We All Sinners?

The word sin comes from the origin of “missing the mark”. Basically, making a mistake. In that sense absolutely we are all sinners. We make many mistakes in our lives and we correct some as we go. Do we need someone to get involved in being forgiven? Hmmmmm! Let’s see: you stick your finger in the outlet and get zapped – here is a sin, because you made a mistake and this may or may not have caused some temporary or permanent injuries. Who is there to forgive this sin for you? The answer is simple: “YOU”. You hopefully learn not to commit this sin again. This is called “repentance” in the language of religion. What you repent, you expectantly will not repeat. Who are you repenting to? Do you go out there and advertise to all what you have done, or immediately you conclude to yourself that you have done wrong? So there you are accepting your repentance and forgiving yourself for the sin you have done. You don’t even think of blaming anything or anyone for it. You don’t blame the socket or the electricity for behaving the way they did. But you say, “I should have known better.”

Sin, is everything we do, knowing that it will harm us or someone else in any way: physical, mental or spiritual.

Now let’s dig a bit further and see what other simple thing can be a sin. You are created not outside of any Universal laws. You are made from the same energy that also presents your entire surrounding. The only difference between you and the tree in the backyard – in your physical sense – is your frequency of vibration. This all-encompassing energy, visible and invisible, is all a part of the entire ocean of energy we tend to call God. This energy is all-inclusive and ever-present in all things. Without “it” being present, we are not.

“It” is aware of all that goes on, because it is a part of all that goes on. “It” is in creation all the time, because of the unlimited number of creations “it” has created and through which more creations happen every given moment. Even our so called sins are allowed, otherwise we would not be able to commit them. He has not confined us within an area and is not behaving like a jail-guard. It has made this creation we are experiencing “ALL-JUST”, through the concept of cause and effect without any favouritism. We all get what we deserve. All is just. This beautiful way of operation then makes regrets and guilt an absolute sin. If God wished for all of us to be doing certain types of action, all other options would be removed from the equation to begin with.

Even if you look at this religiously, the concept of “Evil” and “Satan” is the Source's creation. Without its permission and allowance none of that would exist. They are created however, to add the experience factor to this creation. You, blaming anything, for a wrong-doing, including yourself, is passing a judgement against what is allowed within this creation. This makes the blame and judgement considered a “sin”. Remember that according to Bible: Genesis 1:31 “And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” Does he not know what has been created? Does he not know the options he has provided? Of course he does. But “behold, it was very good.”

When a sin is committed of any magnitude, there is an outburst of energy that is sent out dependent on the severity of your emotions. The feeling of guilt and remorse that follows, which in turn if it is not dealt with productively, will turn into physical ailments and more suffering, aside from the mental anguish that goes along with it. This is the hell that everyone promises to the sinners.

When the feeling of guilt hits you, as you think about a sin you have committed, repent, and forgive yourself immediately, fully understanding that you have only taken an option that was offered to you without thinking about its outcome. Now that you are wiser, you would never do it again. And move on. Guilt has no other value. Feeling guilty will not change the past and will not build a present or future except for what you have gained from it knowledge-wise. Be the Light! EL

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