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Bit more about Faith

This has definitely been a year of many changes, and learning. I have adored and taken advantage of how this Universe uses every possible tool to yet show us there is more to know. Slightest of happenings has turned to be complete synchronicities. This all-encompassing energy has proven to be more reliable in its function and operability than ever before, making the word “Faith” even more so close to heart. Faith…what an amazing word.

A word like the energy around us that embraces it all. Faith, the source of true love and understanding.Faith is not about religion. It is an understanding of the creator and its operation. It is the kind of knowledge that leads to a trust that you enter into with your whole being. It is far from blind and it is al-attentive and all-seeing. In this amazing universe that we are a part of, our knowledge amounts to a tiny fraction of it all. All of our perception of reality is based on our own pure construct. Had we actually been perceiving reality, we would all see the same thing, but looking at the same thing we have different perceptions.

So nothing is real but our perception.It is through building our understanding that we come to have faith. Universe has created the biggest body of knowledge within us – our body, and what surrounds us. We need not look any further than that to realize the purity of all that goes on.Your beliefs build your faith. Whatever you have conviction about is your faith. We can have faith in anything, but the faith I have endeavoured to discover in my life is about life and creator. It has enabled me to trust something from the very core of my being.

A faith that is based on solid proofs. The one that never experiences violation, hurt, mistrust and is never broken. Opening our eyes to the truth, will only leave us stronger and insusceptible to disappointments. Blind faith is a trust that is not examined and not understood. Fear and doubt do not play any role whatsoever in faith. Anytime we find ourselves experiencing any feelings other than peace and love, we need to be reminded of the word “Faith”. Faith leads to Unity. Correction; you first feel the unity before you understand Faith.As we get closer to the end of this year, let’s pay a closer attention to the hidden treasures in ourselves and the beautiful nature surrounding us. Let’s learn about the basic facts of life that have escaped our attention so far because of more pressing issues in life. Let’s start the contemplation process and use the brain muscles. Let’s change our lives in trying to grasp life and engage in a non-judgmental observation of life. Be the Light!


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