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Blind Faith

I was asked: what is blind faith. As per dictionary interpretation of the matter, it is belief without true understanding, perception, ordiscrimination. Hmmmmm! To me faith starts with true understanding of anything you wish to believe in. So if you are following any subject matter without a true understanding or proper scrutiny of the topic, that is not faith. The term “blind faith” to me is an oxymoron. Faith can only sprout from complete understanding and grasping the matter, and in any faith, “intelligent doubt” is always required for further investigation of all old and new learnings.

Many times when the subject of faith is discussed it leads to some religious or spiritual discussion. About 30% of the population feels that if God and saints get enraged with them, they will be harmed. Many people as directed in letters which they have received in the name of saints or God, send twenty-five to fifty copies of them, with the fear that if they do not comply then they will incur a great loss. Similarly, people give donations with the fear that if a person in the costume of a beggar is hurt, then he may wish one ill and may even curse.

The abovementioned scenarios, however strange, are still a faith in an understanding, but as I mentioned, it lacks intelligent doubt. How many of us follow a religion just because we were brought up in a community or family that belonged to a certain church, mosque or synagogue and we just need to believe in it and even though some stuff really don’t make sense, it is a part of the package?

You have faith in the matter, but you are following the subject even though some stuff doesn’t make sense. So you are not really blind to it, but would like not to question it in the fear of getting punished. Faith is never out of fear. Faith is never is due to lack of understanding. Faith only comes when there is the knowledge of the matter. Faith is peaceful. If at any given moment there is unrest, anxiety, and any other symptoms, consult your local faith practitioner….LOL because you are lacking faith.

Be the Light!


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