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Emotional Quotient

Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the emotional comparable of an IQ, in understanding, and empathizing with the emotions of others. We all know those around us that are really easy to talk to and empathetic; these are the individuals with high EQ. We of course know those who are self-centred and could not really care less but they may pretend out of showing tact or for business reasons; and these people are quite low in EQ.

EQ – even though not familiar to everyone – is actually an important part of success throughout our lives and careers. Think about it. Most people are naturally drawn to those with high EQ in doing business. Something as simple as shopping. I am sure you have dealt with people at the cash register while paying who actually care as well as those who don’t care. Which one are you drawn to go to most? I personally stand in a longer line up if I know the person checking me out is pleasant.

Which doctor are you going to like more the empathetic one, or the one who wants you in and out fast? Which mate are you attracted to more, the one who listens, cares and understands; or the one who could not care less? And the list of course goes on. Our success in anything we do is very much dependent on reading other people’s signals and appropriately reacting to them.

Without mature EQ skills, we fail in motivating those around us, whether at work, social environment or at home.

For us to have proper levels of EQ, there are few requirements:

  • We need to become self-aware. The ability to identify an emotion as it happens. At this point I am talking about your own emotion, evaluating and managing it and understanding its effects on others.

  • We need to be self-confident in understanding our own worth and abilities. To be trust-worthy, honest, responsible, and conscientious.

  • Be adaptable and flexible. This will also allow us to manage change better.

  • Be truly empathetic. Faking empathy is quite detectable. The more skillful you are in recognizing other person’s feelings, the better you can control your signals to them. This also improves your social skills at a tremendous rate, in turn it give you a power of influence.

  • Improve your communication skills. Listen to understand not just to answer.

IQ is hardly enough for success at any level. Psychologists agree that only 10% of success is based on IQ and the rest is dependent on EQ.

Be the Light!


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