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I Allow

When it comes to the topic of acceptance and allowance, much has been said. I for one have been preaching it for ages. I remember in one session that I was doing with a group of 200, I asked them to grab a pen and paper and write all they are grateful for. Of course the number of “Thank you God”, was innumerable. But then there was something very interesting about most of the gratitudes that got shared. They went something like this: “Thank you God for allowing me to………” fill the blank with what you wish. From health, to good jobs and prosperity, etc….

As much as this was causing a lot of positive vibes in the air, it was not yet driving the point home for me. Finally I had to share my gratitude and I feel this is a good place to share it with you and understand “your” thoughts.

This is what I wrote: “Thank you the Source Energy, for flowing through me, as it allows me to provide the result of experiences as I choose them. Within this flow, in knowing that I am all that you are, I allow myself to be healthy. I allow myself to be wealthy. I allow myself to be peaceful. I allow myself to be joyful. I allow myself to have what I consider a perfect and easy life. I allow myself to be free. I allow myself to be prosperous. I thank you, for allowing me to know, when I am not “allowing” myself to have what I wish, through the signs and feelings of conflict, anxiety, anger and ailments. I am thankful for this creation. I am thankful to be experiencing this physical existence. I am thankful for understanding the unitedness of all there is. I am thankful for all.”

What is your gratitude story? How do you write yours?

Be the Light!


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