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Love and God

I have been contemplating the meaning of “Love” lately. When you do an online search, you find things like: love is complete acceptance, love is blind, love is unconditional, love is selfless, it is an intense feeling of deep affection and more……

Then I did a search on the word “God” and it comes up as God is: welcoming, knowable, creative, honest, loving, capable, and then digging a bit deeper brings up: God is Love.

Looking at what I found, and what I feel God is, this makes the whole thing so simple that is complicated.

So, we know that everything in our body and environment is based on this continuous flow of energy, oscillating at different frequencies, hence providing us the variety in shapes, fluidity, or density that we experience. This matter of ever-flowing energy made understanding of God so easy.

We say God is ever present, all knowing, forgiving, sharing, kind, loving and much more, but we have gotten accustomed to seeing God as an authority overlooking our actions and lending a helping hand at times, instead of how much a part of you this energy actually is.

Let me dig a bit more before I tell you what’s on my mind. God, being the energy flow within everything, of course it would be all-knowing. If you were a part of it all, you would have known it all as well. Every atom consists of that same energy. As for loving, sharing, caring, forgiving; let’s put that on hold for a second and come back to it.

What is energy? Well energy makes things happen. Just look at your body or anything else for that matter to see energy in action. Regardless of the type of energy or the unit of measurement, it can be transformed into another kind of energy, BUT it cannot be created AND it cannot be destroyed. It always exists in one form or the other.

Let’s look at a very simplistic example of this: the food we eat is stored as a chemical with “potential” energy. When your body starts using this, it becomes kinetic. When you talk on the phone, your voice changes to electrical energy then goes through the air or wires and the phone on the other side changes it back to sound. Or the toaster that changes the electricity to heat and light. And many other examples in our daily lives.

So this continuous flow of energy is what is running it all. Being without it for a single Planck length, is literally impossible. So let’s go back to God being sharing, caring, loving, forgiving.

The sharing comes naturally, as without this energy, we are not. Caring, loving and forgiving are questionable. This pure flawless energy cannot be caring. It is like saying that your electric socket does not care for you, love you, or forgives you if you put your finger in it. Is your toaster “not forgiving” when the toast burns? Is your stove loving when there is a perfect meal prepared? Are you punished if you jump off a cliff and injure yourself? The examples are many. There is one energy and this energy is pure and without glitches. We are the media through which it travels and experiences.

Let me digress. In physics and electrical engineering, a conductor is an object or type of material that allows the flow of an electrical current in one or more directions. Even though not exactly the same, we can be compared to that conductor. But keep in mind that even the conductor is made from the same energy. So what kind of conductive wire are you? Gold, silver, aluminum or copper?

Our conductivity is determined by our thoughts. Our thoughts are facilitated by how we feel. How we feel comes about through our emotions and the chemicals they produce. Our emotions are triggered by what we consider our personal values/learnings/upbringing, etc.

Understanding our “make” and physiology makes the so called “forgiving” a cinch. Forgiving? What’s that? If I look at it from “God” point of view, just like the example of the toaster or the socket or anything else, it is what it is. It is pure. No intention. No grudges. Doing what an energy would do, and so would the various forms and shapes that this energy takes. They all do according to their conductivity level. So from that perspective it does not exist. This energy works based on the law of truth. You jump, you hit the ground, you die. Simple. You stick your wet finger in the socket, you get zapped not forgiven. It is simple.

So “we” need to forgive because we have forgotten our origins and the simplicity of it all, and we judge based on our bag-full of learnings and God does not need to, because it is all God.

So now back to love and my search for the meaning of love. This whole thing for me translates “love” into understanding the purity of this energy and the fact that it does not deviate from what it is. So for this energy, just “being” is love. “Being” translates to truth. So love naturally translates to truth.

For us – seeing that we are made of the energy of God – love then necessitates being truthful. Seeing the truth is seeing the unified energy. Seeing the unified energy is understanding the creation. Understanding the creation is acceptance of it and acceptance of it, is loving unconditionally. IT CANNOT BE ANY OTHER WAY.

So love with condition, is not love at all. It is misplacement of feelings. Love can ONLY exist if it is unconditional.

Be the Light!


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