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Meditation is really about one thing: becoming more intimate and acquainted with your own mind and being. Its purpose has flourished into numerous forms practiced by many cultures throughout the centuries. This can be perfectly natural and its premise is based on this simple observation: "Where your attention is, is where you are."

Finding the stillness within for some of us can be the most challenging task we can ever face. This will take persistent practice on our part. Nonetheless, it is possible, provided we are determined.

The effects of resting in silence will be felt in your daily life. It can become an excellent stress reducer. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy new meaning and appreciation. As strange as it sounds, within silence is everything.

Meditation allows our consciousness to ascend. I have been a fan of Summum meditations. These Meditations are based on a simple yet profound saying, "Where your attention is, is where you are."

I think developing control over your own attention is the single most important thing you can ever do in your life, and the Summum Meditations help you to do just that. They help you to redirect your attention towards that aspect of your being which holds the greatest meaning: your inner being. As your inner being is awakened, creation unfolds itself to you, because your inner being is a perfect, divine expression of nature and all its principles.

Most of us talk about having a spirit or an inner being or believe we may have one. This is because in actuality, we have no knowledge of our spirit, although many of us may not be willing to admit this. The talks around inner being sort of remind me of a show I was watching where Dr. Oz had sent an interviewer to the streets, asking people: what is metabolism and where is it located? The answers of course were nothing short of amusing. The reason for this is that we are too involved in the drama of our physical life and the interests of our personality, to dig into finding out. Our consciousness is confined in our bodily nature and appetites making us unaware of the divine ego within us. The process of awakening to our spirit or inner being may be compared to waking up from a dream in our sleep. The concept is the same. It's just applied at a different level.

The technique of meditation is immersion; the concentrating of your attention at a single point, using your “will” to fix your attention at that point. During meditation your attention is immersed, vibrating at a single point. Using your “will”, you prevent your attention from being attracted to the infinite other points or distractions on the scale of consciousness. The ideal point to immerse in, is that point of pure, alert, clear, total, undisturbed, and OPEN consciousness - the point behind "all action and manifested creation" - above your vivid dream of physical body life.

You are constantly engaged in a form of meditation without knowledge. You allow your attention to be drawn from one point to another on the scale of consciousness. Most of us have little “will” to hold our attention at a single point for any significant period or duration.

There are no incorrect forms of meditation. Meditation is meditation and you become what you meditate on. In other words, "Where your attention is, is where you are."

Devotion is a key component to meditation. Without devotion, you cannot succeed. You must find something more valuable than your-self or your ego. Self or ego will not immerse in SUMMUM.

When you lose your ego, you find yourself. The goal of finding your spirit or inner being seems very intangible when you do not know what you will find. The mental exercise of directing and maintaining your attention at a fixed point has to be balanced with some physical or moving exercise. This will bring you to a point of equilibrium producing the complete person.

Be the Light!


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