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Perception Analysis and Alignment Part I

In achieving any goal in life large or small the very first thing to keep in mind is the level of self-confidence you have. Without this one ingredient, you will not be going too far and if you do actually manage to go ahead, you will either give up or once you get to the goal it will prove to be non-lasting and end up in some type of disappointment or the other.

I like to look at this issue from three different viewpoints all in one. Whether you are a religious person, a spiritual person or an atheist, today the science has proved beyond the shadow of doubt that everything in the Universe as we know it, is made of energy. Everything is made of the same energy with different frequencies. The only reason things appear differently is due to their vibration level.

So at the root of it all the energy in me and the one in my dog or cat or the trees are all the same. This underlying energy is uniting the entire Universe. Each one of us is like a drop of water taken from the ocean; with the same properties. From ocean we have come and to the ocean we will return.

Why am I telling you this? Because some of us feel that others or ourselves are somewhat less than perfect, and we are always in search for perfection. This search for perfection has caused a great deal of stress, procrastination, exhaustion in many levels – physical, mental and emotional – anxiety, anger, disappointment, loneliness, and most often depression.

I need to side track a bit and take you through a little journey in making you see the truth about you and others.

Many of us go around in our life searching outwardly to “find ourselves” and find our “purpose in life”. Many of us even give up everything we have and travel to distant locations such as India and Tibet in search of these; where all the time the answer has been with us all along.

We come here to this physical reality as an angel with a message. What is the message? You! A messenger in a physical form from the non-physical realm, with everything you need pre-programmed. You come from non-physical and at the end you will return to this non-physical. As a new born, you are completely aware of what you like or don’t like; and when you don’t like something, you make it very evident. You are following your pre-programmed instincts of being happy, joyful and loving and you avoid all that is going to distant you from them.

As you start maturing, you start learning the labels for everything in order to be able to communicate with your species. Everything has a name, a symbol and a label. The more of these labels you learn, the less attention they will get from you. You used to look at a tree with fascination before you knew its name but now, a tree is a tree is a tree; or it is a “beautiful” tree, “ugly” tree, or “scary” tree.

In few very short years, you have learned the name for everything. The ones who came before you created those names and agreed on them. Now you are buying into this agreement. We call this knowledge; and as the years go by we gather more and more of it. We learn what is “right” and what is “wrong” and what is “acceptable” and what is “not acceptable”. What we “should” do and what we “should not” do. We learn all the agreements of the society we are born into. The catch phrase in the above paragraph was, “the society we are born into.”

When we are born in North America we learn only what applies here, the labels, names, behaviour, etc. The trouble is that these same things mean nothing elsewhere in the world. A “flower” is only meaningful if you are talking English. If you say this label somewhere with a different language, it means nothing. The very behaviour that you might find offending in one country maybe quite acceptable or even respectful in other.

With the same token your values and beliefs are based on the agreement of one society, and according to that you will start judging the entire life on the planet and whether it is right or wrong.

Everything we learn is based on attention. If you do not pay attention to what I say, I cannot teach and you cannot learn. Everything about learning and teaching is based on attention. So you first start paying attention when you are very little to those who are playing a role in supporting you – your mom and dad.

They have you as the captive audience. Using this, they teach you how your physical reality should look like and they give you all the previously agreed-upon names, labels, laws, etc.

First we learn the labels and then we attach the meanings to them, so that we can make sense out of our communication. At this point of the period of babyhood – non-verbal but instinctive communication – is over. We are no longer innocent. This is when we start learning about perfection and everyone drills into our head, “oh well, we cannot be perfect, we are only human.” From the point of view of any religion or spirituality this is pure blasphemy; out of pure victim consciousness! But not something I would like to get into details of right now.

Every single thing in this Universe is perfect. The consequences of hearing the lie that we are not perfect sets us up in searching perfection and continuous judging. We keep searching and we find in our search that everything is really perfect except us – because we call ourselves imperfect. The sun, the stars, the trees, the flowers, the animals, the insects and everything else is absolutely perfect. Even those of us with a disability are perfect in their disabilities.

Everything about us is perfect. But just saying this is not enough. The true belief in this agreement is necessary.

With our attention on the labels, we are gathering knowledge and we are allowing this knowledge to take over our mind and thoughts. As our knowledge expands we learn how to dress, how to look, what weight is acceptable, what lifestyle is enviable, what car carries a better image, what kind of profession will bring respect and so on……

We allow others through their agreements tell us what we should or should not be, do or have and this seems completely acceptable. Never for a moment do we question our own uniqueness. We listen to all the opinions of others around us and we surrender and try to satisfy all.

This is when we lose ourselves and we start searching for something called “perfection”. From the feedback we get from the society and from our own self-judgment we lose our self-confidence and become solely dependent on labels and other people’s wishes and desires; and this is when the drama begins.

Be the Light! EL

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