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Perception Analysis and Alignment Part II

To continue on the previous post topic......... We are at this point tamed. During the years to come, through the voices in our head we make countless agreements with ourselves and those around us. The most important of agreements are those we make with ourselves. These will tell us how we feel about ourselves and what we should or should not be doing in life and what is or is not acceptable. We even make agreements that we can read minds and we can predict what one is thinking when they say or do something. We make an agreement in what should insult us and what should be considered a compliment.

Everything that we agree on in our head, becomes the “truth”. The fun part to this whole thing is that these agreements are different from even family to family within the same society. So now we start judging others according to the “truth” in “our” head. Even funnier is the fact that these so called truths are even varying in the same family. If you looked at yourself through the eyes of your parents or siblings, you will see a version of you that you will probably not even recognize; and likewise if they looked at themselves through your eyes, they would seem like a stranger to themselves. It is all a matter of perception you see. It is all about our own agreements.

Our interpretation of things in life is very much dependent on our original reaction to them. We create our very own reality in our head according to the knowledge we gather and our initial reaction and judgements on ourselves and others is based on that. We are originally born with awareness and then we trade that awareness with this knowledge. Later when we search for ourselves, we go back and find this awareness.

When we are a child we mistake the labels with magic. We learn them because using them seems to be rewarding. Later we use these same magical labels against our very own self; and by repeating certain labels, we start believing that we are non-deserving and imperfect. This is when we start sabotaging ourselves. The words we use against ourselves are the action of self-judgement and the result is the reaction of self-punishment in the shapes of guilt, shame, and depression.

This is why it is so vital for you to grasp the importance of the use of words about you and others. Your language and your words are what you will be delivering as an angel to all that surround you: to your loved ones, to nature, to so called strangers and most importantly to yourself. Practice extreme care in delivering your message. I cannot possibly overemphasize the importance of words you offer. Someone once said, “Words are your paintbrush and your life is your canvas.”

Words have magical power in them as using them actually will produce feelings and emotions. Just hearing a word can bring about feelings of happiness or sadness, and some words can run a whole movie through your head in one instance.

Never use your word against yourself or someone else. Remember that everything is a part of you in this pool of energy and anything you say will affect you equally.

With your words and labels, you create your own life inside your head. The trick is to remember that everyone else has done the same for themselves. So what comes out of someone else’s mouth regarding you or your life is only true in “their” head. Do you understand? That is not your reality, it is theirs and they are entitled to live their reality as you are to yours. So taking anything they say personally at this point sounds somewhat unrealistic.

The advantage you have here is that you now know about this but many you deal with may not have yet come to see it. This should make it easier for you not to take anything personally or stop making assumptions. We invent stories in our own head that we believe to be the truth, and according to that we judge and assume, and each judgement and assumption leads to more of the same.

Assumptions are nothing but mental indigestion. First you think a lot and all about “what if?” Our thinking brings fears. When the fears are born that we cannot explain, to feel safe, instead of asking questions, we make assumptions.

Now let’s take a little detour to another side of this to what we were talking about before: your beliefs being implanted in you as an agreement since childhood.

Looking into what you have agreed to, Santa, tooth fairy and Easter bunny, were few of these agreements when you were young before someone told you at a certain age that they were all lies. In the case of other agreements though no-one tells you so and you keep on believing it, never, ever questioning their validity.

We allow the false knowledge to take over us. In the process of taming us this whole knowledge becomes our book of commandments. We punish or reward ourselves and our loved ones and everyone else according to this book. We invest all our faith in this book and this is how we lose our power.

Be the Light!


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