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Realizing God

I was forwarded this amazing short article today which I would very much like to share:

“This morning it is rather warm. Swami Krishnanandaji Maharaj sits inside the Kutir. A few devotees are around him but there is a stream of Ashram staff who come and go with their papers and problems. Along with attending to correspondence and occasional jokes Swamiji answers serious questions and problems posed by the devotees.

Question: Swamiji, how does one realize God?

Sw. K: If you can be independent of the world, you will see God in everything. The differences of opposites prevent you from seeing God in everything, because opposites do not exist in God. When God's will passes through your personality it is your 'free-will'. When the cosmic urge manifests itself through you, your personality makes 'effort' that causes the free-will to act, the effort one makes to act. Effort, from the lay-man's point of view appears as an isolated activity. When you are writing, the nib moves. Is it the nib that is writing? The eyes are unable to see what is behind the visible form. When the little finger moves the child thinks that it is the little finger only that is moving. But mature minds with knowledge of the working of human body know that the whole physiology of the body is taking part in the movement of the little finger.”

Stop and think about this for a moment. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Be the Light!


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