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Angel Notes

There seems to be times in our lives that we may feel somewhat frustrated with someone around us. Either we feel they don’t really understand what we are saying, or they are not listening, or they are not being empathetic or for any other reason.

Understanding that the world around us is nothing but an energetic reflection of us; at times like this I run to pen and paper and write what is called an angel note. The reason I use pen and paper – the old style – is because it takes more attention and dedication on the side of the person writing the note.

Few people who know me, have asked about these notes and how they work and whether or not there is a certain format to them. I always say, write from your heart and whatever feels right to you. The format I have chosen is as follows:

“To the angel of …..put full name of the person here ….. from …….. I love you, and I respect you.”

Then I follow with the body of the letter and write what I need from this person. Whether it is respect, understanding, or anything else. So say for example:

“Please understand my value to you and the organization. I am here to help you excel in your work. I am your friend and I strive to serve. See my value in what I bring to table.”

Or anything else that feels right to you. Once you have poured your heart out in what needs to be seen and understood, then you close your note in a loving way. I usually say:

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Love, Love, Love.”

Or again whatever feels right. Then you fold the letter and put it somewhere safe.

Remember that the angel notes need to be written from the creator’s point of view. Meaning with pure love and understanding. When you are writing this note, you are not judging or blaming the person, or mentioning what you don’t like. You are only mentioning what you need from them and how you deserve to have this. The notes are loving, because the creator is loving regardless of who we are or what we do.

My Template:

To the Angel of ……………………….(place full name here ) …………………………. From ……………………………………. I love you and I respect you.

What value do you bring to this person/organization?

What are you doing to serve them excel in their career/life?

In what way do you appreciate them?

What do they need to see in you?

Close the note lovingly.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Love, Love, Love.

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