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God is Love

Question: There is only one miracle worthy of note and that is God's love for us in his creation of all things including us. Within you and without you. We are one within God. Tell me how to understand this, tell me how to find my soul and understand it. I'll do the rest.

Answer: There is no miracle of such in God's love. Thinking that, separates us from the truth. All is based on simplicity. So many years ago they thought the smallest particle they could refer to was an atom. Well they found out they were wrong. Atom contains protons and neutrons. Then they thought it is all physical. Then they learned atom behaves based on our observation. And the protons are nothing but a small tornado of energy with no physical properties. These tornadoes are the base of your atoms which are the base of your molecules which are the base of your cells which are the base of your organs which are the base of your entire physical being and hence we are nothing but a bunch of tornadoes with various spinning frequencies.

Then we measured the frequency of various organs and noticed that they all have a different frequency and hence one being an arm and the other your nose or head depending on how fast or slow these tornadoes are spinning. Then we understood, that when we take ten muscle cells and place them in petrie dish in a lab, depending on environment one remains a muscle cell or changes to liver, bone, arm and so on. So the same cell changes the rate of its frequency to shape shift.

This shape shifting then brought about the thought of if everything we have has the same base and can shape shift like that what is the difference between us and the plant or animal or the rock? Then we understood that there is no difference other than the rate of frequency. Then we thought of the question: where do we end and all else begin? Then we found out, we don’t. Anywhere we go, whatever we touch, we leave a frequency signature behind. Whatever we say, leaves a frequency behind. Then it all made sense. When the religions say God knows and sees all. It cannot not see all because “it” is the energy within every proton. “It” is the tornado. It cannot love or not love us. We are made of “it” in our entirety. “It” is not “within” me and “within” you, it is the entire me and you. It cannot love or ignore you.

The simplest form of this source that we can understand and refer to, is the electricity. It does not toast your bread out of love or burn your rice out of revenge. It is all cause and effect. It is all the “nature of things”. The secret is in just being. Getting to know your soul is not far from getting to know your physical self. We all search too far, hard and wide; and yet it is always right in front of us in everything nature displays.

Then we yet understood another secret that we were being told: you are made in the image of God. What is that? Well it is all true. “It” is me and you and hence my co-creation is also his creation. The energy of thought embedded within me, plus ego to create a sense of individuality, brings about hundreds of creations each and every day through one single person alone. Each thought manifests into an actual scenario of life, making the creation into more and more layers and yet more complex.

Isn’t this creation absolutely and divinely beautiful?

Be the Light!


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