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Truth about God

To me, God translates to: pure energy that is ever present. This energy is our essence and what we are made of. We have been told for many thousands of years through all religions that we are made in the image of God, yet never properly contemplated what that means. Now with the advancement of the science and Quantum Physics, it is proven that nothing exists in a solid form and it is all energy that vibrates to different frequencies and even the empty space between two, is made of energy, hence being able to hear or see something. The rate of vibration decides how solid or liquid or visible something is.

Is it possible to get close to God?

It is impossible for us not to be close to God. We are a piece of the same energy. This is why, God always loves you and protects you, as you would any part of you. This is why you can never be alone.

Does God really care about you?

God cannot, not care about you. Asking a question like this is like asking would the ocean care for the drop of water in it. You are a part of the whole. The whole cannot separate you.

What is God like?

Beyond what we can imagine. As physical beings, we are not wired to fathom the vastness and the operation of this tremendous energy. The energy that I would like to refer to as “The Source” or “The ALL”; is all there is and in its essence it is “Just”.

Is God uncaring and hardhearted?

Energy is about justice and not about emotion and drama. If you stick your finger into a light socket and you are zapped, can you in any sane way declare the electricity or the socket uncaring and hardhearted? It makes no sense. The energy will do what energy is required to do. None of the emotional drama that we attribute to it will play a role.

How does God feel about the injustices we face?

It does not! There are no injustices in the world of cause and effect. What goes around comes around. You receive what you send out or some equivalent frequency of it. What we face, is simply the mass frequencies we have sent out over the period of time that is haunting us now. We have the need to dramatize and make it someone else’s fault, hence we complain of injustice. In the “Source” created environment, everything is just, because the energy from which it is created, is just. Calling anything an injustice, is pure blasphemy and violation of the rules!

Does God want you to know who he is?

This was a question asked in a book I recently read….LOL Why would the Source would want the truth hidden from you, when so many prophets have come to tell us about our powers? The more you know yourself, the better this energy source can experience through you. It is a natural understanding then that it would definitely want you to grasp who you are and your relationship to it.

What is God’s purpose for mankind or the Earth?

If the car you design can tell you what your purpose of its creation was, so can we. This is an age old question without any answers but only speculations. All we can do is speculating. For me this is how this unfolds:

When the Source was just the Source, there was nothing more than that. The creation allows for experience. Since the creation is of the same nature as the creator – the energy – the experience is even more so meaningful. Every single bit of existence is completely and fully experienced. When the infinite number of all experiences are exhausted, that is when the whole environment is wrapped up and a new creation starts over again.

What will life on Earth be like in the future?

This was another question in that same book that I read. My thought on this: the life on Earth in the future will be exactly the way it needs to be. I know this sounds a bit sarcastic and facetious , but what can you answer it other than that? The life on Earth will be exactly as we make it. Where are our vibrations heading? Are they going towards peace, joy and prosperity? If yes, then the Earth in the future will be a peaceful, joyful and prosperous place to live on. If our energy is directed towards, separatism, hatred, revenge, anger, control and me-ism, then I will leave it to you to guess what kind of Earth we would have, and what kind of life we would lead.

Will I get what I want if I pray to God?

You can pray all you want to the electrical socket about sparing you, and the minute you stick your finger in it, you are toast. Prayer only works when you take responsibility for your actions, words, feelings and emotions. When you understand that you are the creator of your reality, your words, feelings, emotions and actions are your prayers and they will take you exactly to where you wish to go. So pray right, and if you feel your prayers are not answered, re-examine yourself.

Can God punish us or be angry at us?

Let me give you another example: you have created a buffet for a party that is about to arrive. Will you be punishing or being angry at some of them because they choose one item in the buffet over the other? How can God get angry and or punish you if all you are able to do is choose from the menu that was originally provided by it? In the infinite number of choices that we have in life, one thing we do not have access to is the menu that is above and beyond what is provided. If you had that option, then anger and punishment would be an option for the Source. God is not some cantankerous old man, sitting there with a whip, waiting for you to take a wrong step. God is the source of your creation. It is within you and all you have is this energy, no matter what shape it takes. This image of God was created for us for the purpose of control. Fearful people are so much easier controlled than the ones who understand themselves and their relation to God and their true given powers.

We have been told that we get punished for our “sins”. What are sins? A sin is when we make a mistake or take the so-called wrong path; or miss a mark. If you know something is going to have ill effects in your life and you do it anyhow, you have committed a “sin”. You don’t need the church or the mosque or synagogue to tell you that you will have undesirable results. When you understand what the potential of electricity is, and understand the consequences of playing with it, and you still play with it and it zaps you, you have been in essence punished for not using your knowledge. Unless of course your desire was to be crippled or dead, in which case you have taken the proper action and it will no longer be a sin….LOL so you see, it is not God punishing you for your sins, it is the nature of the energy at work.

Why Does God allow suffering?

This again was another question I read. Is it really God “allowing” suffering? Again, I encourage you to take a look at nature of things. The nature of an energy signal is to land on whatever allows that same frequency as a receiver. If someone or a nation have low frequency, they are the best landing fixture for the low energy happening. Asking the Source to reach out and interrupt the nature of energy, is only a human understanding in asking for favouritism. This would be equal to saying that if John and Terry are jumping off the CN tower today, one will be floating before hitting the pavement and the other will go into pieces because God did not think Terry should really suffer. The nature of energy does not allow for that kind of distinguishing facts. That is only the human part of us speaking. To the Source, all that is happening is just so, there is no distinguishing factor of “suffering”. Your feedbacks/views/beliefs/understandings are welcome and appreciated. Be the Light! EL

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